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Larnaca Beaches


One of the most popular things to do in Larnaca is to visit and spend time on the beach. The beautiful city of Larnaca offers a wide variety of beaches at different locations within the city, each with its own unique identity.

Beaches like the Mackenzie beach, Lenios beach and Meneou beach are the perfect destination for you to enjoy a little Cyprus sunshine as you wander around observing the locals.

The city authorities also provide lifeguard and bathroom services as you spend time with your family engaging in popular beach activities.

Pyla (CTO) Beach

The Pyla beach or Pylo or CTO beach located by the Dhekelia is a beautiful beach surrounded by well-planted greenery, fine sand and shallow and clear waters. The beach also provides several services and facilities. The long sandy beach allows visitors to have a good walk and enjoy some games while soaking in the sun.

Yanathes Beach

Yanathes beach is another favourite in the Larnaca district in Oroklini (Voroklini) area. Surrounded by brown and beige sand, clear and shallow waters and planted greenery, the beach welcomes locals and tourists with plenty of necessary amenities. With easy access, the beach provides environmentally friendly signage, lifeguard and first aid services, disabled friendly access and water sports facilities.

Lenios Beach

Lenios beach is based in the Larnaca district located in Oriklini. Besides the easy access to the road, the beach overlooks a stunning view of the waters. While it may not be as popular as its counterparts, Lenios is a simple sandy beach with sun-beds for rent.

Meneou Beach

For a calm and quiet atmosphere, the Meneou beach located in the small village of Meneou in the Larnaca district is the place to go. Relatively small, the beach is equipped with bars for food and drinks, ideal for a family getaway. It is also a beach where pet animals are welcome. However, the best part of this beach is its close proximity to the International Airport of Larnaca


Kastela Beach

Located only 15 minutes from the centre of town, the Kastela (Castella) beach is relatively small but is quite popular with the locals especially for families. The waters on this side are calm and shallow. This beach has easy access to local transport and offers many amenities like sun-beds, toilets and changing rooms. The beach also has a lifeguard present, perfect for a family-safe area.


Mazotos Beach

Mazotos beach, located in the Larnaca district is a relatively quiet beach compared to its counterparts. The sandy beach extends up to 7 kilometres and has dark sand with small pebbles. The Mazotos beach is the cleanest and is safe despite having no lifeguard facilities.

Mackenzie Beach

Mackenzie beach is also called Makenzy, Mckenzy, McKensy or McKenzie beach. The beach is flat and makes for a popular hangout spot with families and children to enjoy the Cyprus sunshine. The area has clean and grey sand, with shallow waters for nearly a kilometre and most of the water is only waist deep. Besides the basic amenities on a beach popular water sports activities like jet skis, speed boats and skydiving are also seen.

Finikoudes Beach

One of the most famous beaches in south Cyprus, the name 'Finikoudes (Phinikoudes)' comes from small palm trees which were planted here in 1922. The area in and around the beach is popular for its cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and mini markets. During the tourist season, many facilities have been provided for visitors, such as lifeguards, sun beds, umbrellas and water sports.

Cessac Beach

The sandy, public CESSAC beach is located near the Dekelia British base. The beach is also called as Dhekelia Bay or Golden Bay. Besides having beautiful views and being popular with the tourists and locals, the beach also has plenty of snack bars and hotels which offer all that you need while visiting the beach.

Faros (PERVOLIA) Beach

The Faros beach is located in the village of Pervolia near Cape Kiti. It includes numerous facilities like toilets, shower and changing rooms, sun-beds along with a children’s playground and first aid and lifeguard services. Along with water sports, you can enjoy the food and drinks beside the volleyball court. The beach also has water sports facilities and is popular with the younger crowd.


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