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How to Dress Up in Aiya Napa


Ayia Napa is a pretty casual kind of place and as it is so hot for most of the year, most people, male and female will be wearing shorts and a vest or top of some description at night. Anything goes though so if you want to dress up smarter then do. Dresses and heels for the ladies are not so popular in peak season but you do see more people dressed up to impress earlier and again later in the season. Fancy Dress is also a common sight. Party Britain are our recommended on-line supplier of costumes and fancy dress accessories for your Ayia Napa holiday.

There are a number of bathing beaches but the most beautiful is Nissi Beach. The charming white sand and crystal clear water makes from this beach a really romantic place to relax.

When you decide to visit Ayia Napa it is good to get up earlier to have a long walk on the beautiful beaches and take a look to beautiful scenery from the rocky coastline.

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