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Time Guidelines in Aiya Napa to get you through your night !‎


Most of the bars around the main square and strip in Ayia Napa open at around 8pm. They don't get busy though until around 11pm. This doesn't mean that you should stay in your hotel or power nap until that time, it just means that you can wind into your night and find the best offers on drinks. Many bars will do happy hours before 11pm and many do buy one get one free plus free shots or give out free club entry passes. ​​


Earlier in the evening the bars that have cheap drink offers and sit down table service tend to be busier than the party bars in the town centre. Bars at the bottom end of the strip, along Nissi Avenue and towards the harbour are also popular with those starting the night off, families, couples and those wanting a bit more of a quiet night.


Once the party bars in the square and on the strip get going at around 11pm, it gets very busy with people spilling out onto the streets and all sorts of music blasting out as bars compete with each other to attract crowds.


The clubs open at around 1am but some bars go on serving drinks until 3am or later, although they can't play loud music after 1.30am. Most clubs will offer free entry if you go in early and most bars will give out free entry tickets to clubs when you buy a drink. Ayia Napa clubs usually close around 5am with a couple of late clubs staying open until 7 or 8am.

There is a wide choice of different venues to enjoy your night out in Ayia Napa so whatever your music tastes or party style, you will find bars and club nights to suit pretty much everyone. Whether you want a big night, a chilled night, a romantic night or a really crazy night, Ayia Napa has all the fun, frolics and shenanigans you could possibly want.


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