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Extravagant Cypriot Movies You Need to ‎See (1)‎


Cyprus has the last divided capital in the world, meaning it features in many forms of expression, be it literature, music or film. Migration, nostalgia and the Buffer Zone are recurring elements you’ll spot in some way or another in Cypriot films. Below are some of the most famous featured Cypriot movies.

The Story of the Green Line (2017)

Set in Nicosia during the 1974 war, The Story of the Green Line follows two soldiers serving on opposite sides of the Green Line that separates the north of the country from the south. The soldiers, Murat and Kipros, are forced to leave their homes and serve for the other side, meeting during a chance encounter while serving on the border, and decide to visit each other’s homes.

Though strictly forbidden, the experience is highly emotional for the main characters, triggering memories of pre-war Cyprus, lost loves and family members. It is a powerful, relatable film for many Cypriots, and one that’s highly interesting for foreigners to gain a true insight into the island’s division and the stories that still haunt its people.


Sunrise in Kimmeria (2018)

A comedy feature film with a deeper message about the perplexing identity of Cyprus is hitting local cinemas next year. Set in a Cypriot village, Sunrise in Kimmeria follows a rural population in Cyprus, showcasing the idiosyncrasies of their way of life.

 This folk tale revolves around a young villager who gets caught up in tragi-comic circumstances, after a strange sphere, tracked by a foreign intelligence agency, crashes into his potato field. The event raises identity issues that concern modern Cypriot life in a satire-like manner, as different parties fight to claim the sphere as part of their territory.

The film includes lots of funny moments based on Cypriot stereotypes, so it’s a great insight into local culture. It recently won best Cypriot Film at the 2018 Cyprus Film Days International Festival.

Boy on the Bridge (2016)

Boy on the Bridge is another locally produced film that has received numerous awards on a local and international platform. It’s also one of the local films that have been screened in big, mainstream cinemas of the island instead of independent studios where similar films are usually played.

Set in a Cypriot village, twelve-year-old Socrates sees his careless days of cycling around and teasing the locals suddenly end when he finds himself at the centre of a murder investigation, which reveals a dark family secret that changes his life forever.

Well-received by the local audience, it’s an interesting example of how Cypriot films are developing.

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