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Cyprus Real Estate Expert: Arabs and Foreigners hold 20% of Real Estate Purchase Contracts in The State


Tassos Estavro, Cyprus real estate expert and member of the World Real Estate Union, said in a press release today, that Cyprus's real estate sector is stable, growing, and attractive to buyers for the quality of the real estate product.

Istvaro pointed out that, the volume of foreign investment on the Cypriot market is estimated at 35% of the size of the domestic market, which is experiencing a large influx of foreign investment and injection of funds into the local market. Cyprus is a first class service area and its real estate sector is stable, growing and solid on the level of its infrastructure, he adds.

Istavro ended his statement by saying, Cyprus is characterized by its proximity to the Arab region and the diversity of its nationalities of its inhabitants. There are nationalities from all over the world,and it' s a stable country,its tax system is encouraging for investment. It is an attractive environment for investment.

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