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Zeki Alasya

Zeki Alasya (18 April 1943 – 8 May 2015) was a Turkish actor and film director. Alasya was of Turkish Cypriot descent and was related to Kıbrıslı Mehmed Kamil Pasha.

Alasya was born in Istanbul. After studying at Robert College, he joined MTTB Theatre as an amateur actor. For a short time, he worked at Arena, Gen-Ar and Ulvi Uraz Theatre. With some friends, he founded the Devekuşu Kabare Theatre (Ostrich Cabaret Theatre).

From 1973, he started acting in films and gained fame as a comedian paired with Metin Akpınar like Salak Milyoner, Beş Milyoncuk Borç Verir misin, Köyden İndim Şehire, Güler misin Ağlar mısın, Nerden Çıktı Bu Velet, Nereye Bakıyor Bu Adamlar, Hasip ile Nasip and Güle Güle. In 1977, he also took up directing and went on to direct films such as Aslan Bacanak, Sivri Akıllılar, Caferin Çilesi, Petrol Kralları, Doktor, Köşe Kapmaca, Vay Başımıza Gelenler and Elveda Dostum.


Hazar Ergüçlü

Hazar Ergüçlü (born 1 January 1992) is a Turkish-Cypriot actress. She is best known for playing Simay Çanaş in the drama film Kuzey Güney (2011–2013) and Eylül on the Turkish drama series Medcezir (2013–2015).

Her movies are "Gölgeler ve Suretler", "Açlığa Doymak", "Benim Dünyam", "Balık", "Dar Elbise", "Mahalle", "Kar", "Manyak", "Ahlat Ağacı", "Herşey Seninle Güzel" and She won Siyad Award, Adana Film Festivale Award. She starred in the TV series Rüya Gibi, Kuzey Güney, Medcezir, Analar ve Anneler, Yüksek Sosyete, Hayat Sırları, Dudullu Postası.


Ada Nicodemou

Ada Nicodemou (born 14 May 1977) is an Australian-born Greek Cypriot actress. She began her acting career in 1994 playing Katerina Ioannou in Heartbreak High. She also starred in Police Rescue and Breakers. In 2000, Nicodemou began playing Leah Patterson-Baker in the soap opera Home and Away. She won the 3rd season of Dancing with the Stars and hosted reality series Please Marry My Boy in 2012.

Nicodemou began her acting career in 1994 when she was cast as Katerina Ioannou in ABC1's Heartbreak High. Nicodemou was sixteen when she successfully auditioned for the role. She was originally contracted to play the part for 12 weeks, but this was later extended.

Nicodemou also had starring roles on Police Rescue, and Network Ten's Breakers. In 1999, she played Dujour in the science fiction film The Matrix. The following year, she appeared in an episode of children's series BeastMaster.

Nicodemou has played the role of Leah Patterson-Baker in the television soap opera Home and Away since 22 March 2000. Nicodemou originally auditioned for the role of Sarah Thompson in 1992, but Laura Vasquez was cast. She was later approached by the show's producers about the role of Leah. She was not asked to audition and was offered a six-month contract, which was soon extended. As of 2018, Nicodemou is one of the show's longest serving actors.

In 2005, Nicodemou competed on and won the 3rd season of Dancing with the Stars with partner Aric Yegudkin. From 2012, Nicodemou hosted Channel Seven's reality series Please Marry My Boy. Nicodemou made a guest appearance in an episode of Drop Dead Weird in 2018.


Stephanie Leonidas

Stephanie Leonidas (born 14 February 1984) is an actress born to a Cypriot father and English mother. She is perhaps best known for her roles as Helena in the fantasy film MirrorMask and as Irisa on the American science fiction television series, Defiance.

Leonidas started acting in community theatre when she was eight; at nine she acquired an agent and began to work in television.

Some of her notable works include the television drama Daddy's Girl, the soap opera Night and Day and a 2004 episode of Doc Martin (entitled 'Of All the Harbours in All the Towns') in which she plays Melanie, a local Portwenn 15-year-old girl who develops an unhealthy interest in the surgeon. In 2005 she starred in Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's MirrorMask in the dual roles of Helena and the Dark Princess. She followed this with roles in a BBC adaptation of Dracula, as well as Crusade in Jeans. Her theatrical roles have included Adela in a production of Lorca's The House of Bernarda Alba at Coventry's Belgrade Theatre, and Dani in The Sugar Syndrome, staged at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, London, in 2003. In this latter production, reviewer Lizzie Loveridge said she gave a performance "way beyond her years".

Leonidas also starred in the BBC docudrama Atlantis, which aired on BBC One and BBC One HD on 8 May 2011. In 2011, she was also in a play for the Transatlantyk Festival called Influence, written by Shem Bitterman. Leonidas later teamed up with Dave McKean to work on the film Luna, released in 2014. She also starred as Irisa Nolan in the science fiction TV series Defiance, which ran for three seasons.


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