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Traditional Mouth Watering Cypriot Foods ‎You Should Try- Prt.3‎







This dish comes with a fascinating back story. Kleftiko gets its name from the word “stolen”, as historically people would steal meat and bury it to be slow-cooked in covered holes in the ground, so that no smoke would give away the location of the thieves. Today, it’s cooked in traditional round, white ovens for many hours, flavoured with bay leaves, oregano and red wine. The dish is accompanied by soft oven potatoes or bulgar wheat cooked in an onion and tomato sauce. Have it with a side of yoghurt to refresh each bite.


Another hearty meat dish that’s a favourite in Cyprus is the moist stifado, prepared with onions and drenched in red wine. Beef is usually cooked alongside cinnamon sticks and cloves that give it a sweet kick. It is believed that the Venetians brought the recipe over and Cypriots added tomatoes in the 16th century when the fruit reached Europe. Stifado is cooked for several hours and is served with rice or bulgur (pilaf).


Kolokasi (taro)

Originating from southeast Asia and Malaysia, this vegetable grows in Cyprus as the Colocasia Esculanta variety. Diners must tread carefully, however: eating it kolokasi in its raw form can be poisonous. Nonetheless, it’s a very popular food across the island, especially during the winter as it’s a thick and substantial vegetable. Cut in small chunks, the vegetable is cooked in a tomato sauce with onions, herbs and chicken. Some like to replace chicken with pork.

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