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Traditional Mouth Watering Cypriot Foods You Should Try- Prt.4








A staple in every Cypriot kitchen, this simple and healthy dish mainly consists of black eyed beans, and is served with boiled courgettes or Swiss chard, oil, salt and lemon. The beans are low in fat while being high in carbohydrates and protein. When growing they are extremely drought tolerant, meaning they can survive even in the extreme heat of the scorching Cyprus summers. Tuna, cucumber and tomato are often served as fresh and flavuorful side plates with louvi. Many households have beans on Mondays and Tuesdays, a cultural and religious trait passed down through generations.



Koubes originate from the Levant region, and are basically a torpedo-shaped croquette. The outer shell is made of bulgur and encases a filling of minced meat infused with middle-eastern spices. These tasty bites are served with lemon wedges, with the zingy zest of the fruit really bringing out the filling flavour. Koubes can be purchased in bakeries throughout the island.



This thick soup is another dish that vegetarians can enjoy among the island’s traditionally meat-heavy cuisine. It’s made with dried cracked wheat and soured goat’s milk, and is the perfect winter meal. It’s common to add pieces of halloumi to the soup once it’s cooked, which softens the cheese and makes it even more chewy. For big fans, trachanas is sold dry so you can take it away and make it whenever you wish – talk about a different souvenir.




Loukoumades (lokmades)


Loukoumades are made by deep frying dough balls, soaking them in honey and then coating them generously in crushed nuts, sesame seeds, cinnamon. Often referred to as honey doughnuts, these sweet treats have a light and spongy texture and are best enjoyed under the shade of a village tree in the heat of a balmy Cypriot summer. Available in specialty coffee shops throughout the country, the dessert is so delicious it has sparked great dispute as to where it actually originates from – Greece, Turkey and Egypt all adamantly lay claim to the dish.




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